My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

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Published firsts: Rome & Civitavecchia

As you all know I recently started writing for 10 Best, a subsidiary of USA Today travel. I will publish the links to pieces that I’ve written so stay tuned. My first article was a suggested itinerary for first time Rome visitors. I had a lot if fun putting this together and it got me thinking about my first visit to the eternal city which was around 12 years ago

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HeartRome takes on the world

If you asked me about 20 years ago what I wanted to be when I grew up , I would’ve confidently answered: “I want to be a journalist”. I was about 15 years old. I spent the next 20 years (not growing up, but) getting 2 degrees and building a career in Melbourne. I achieved quite a lot in a short time, working as a policy adviser for the Victorian

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