FishHub: Casual seafood dining in the heart of the city

Tonight I was chatting to my girlfriends about crudi (raw seafood from tartare to carpaccio and beyond) and how outside of Italy, it’s not the first thing that comes to mind when one things of cuisine on the boot-shaped peninsula. While fishing towns and coastal regions from Campania to Puglia in south Italy have had a long history of eating fresh, raw seafood in a variety of ways, this recent wave of fish bars and the crudi phenomena to hit the big cities is becoming ever more popular. And Rome has seen a spate of seafood bars and pescheria-type (fish market stand) places pop up over the past few years.

I’m referring to the style of eating and preparation – counter style, bubbles to match and a tartare or a few raw prawns prepared while you wait – not the produce. Because Rome is certainly no stranger to seafood. The cuisine here, despite appearances, is not all guanciale and tripe.

In fact, I often remind readers, followers and visitors to the city that the coast is not all that far away and historically, Rome is one of the region’s most important ports. There are many high-quality seafood restaurants – casual and high end – in the city and tonight I went back to Fish Hub. Opened a couple of years ago, this casual eatery is located in the northern part of Ponte district, not far from the river and about a 10 minute walk from Piazza Navona.

Whether it’s raw or fried, if you’re after seafood in Rome in a relaxed setting (think bar stools and counter dining), check this place out. Tonight it was:

Raw scampi

Tuna croquettes with guacamoleThe (surprise) absolute highlight – the perfect marriage of sweet and savoury: fried calamari topped with caramelised Tropea onion

Tuna tartare with capers and slivered almonds

Sea bream tartare with strawberries

Wine to wash it all down!

Sandwiches, burgers, ceviche and raw seafood platters are also on the menu.

Fish Hub | Via dei Banchi Vecchi 116 | Website | Prices: tartares between €10-14, fried fish €9-16.

Signing off from Trastevere,

Baci Maria

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