HeartRome on TV

Many many years ago in Melbourne, an astrologer told me he saw my name in the stars. He said, “I see your name up in lights.”

However ridiculous it sounded at the time, it has, in a sense – and more than a decade later – come true.

On Friday night, the Rome episode of Dubai-produced social travel series Peeta Planet aired across the Middle East to about 50 million viewers (I keep saying to people that that’s 2 and a half Australias!).

The show features my story. The HeartRome story.

I have waited patiently for about 3 months and finally sat with friends at a screening in Rome tonight, where seeing myself on the big screen was a moment I won’t soon forget. Seeing me! walking around Trastevere like some star doesn’t happen everyday!

Rome is so beautiful that I dare say it’s not that hard to make her look great on screen. I know for a fact that I will one day look back on these stills and remember what it felt like seeing myself on TV for the first time.


As you my readers know, HeartRome was born from my love of Rome. Of travel. Of learning. And of humanity.

Peeta Planet encapsulates all of these things.

What I love most about the series is that it’s not just a travel show. In fact, it’s more about people than it is about travel. I have found the last three episodes in particular – namely Athens, Madrid and Rome – really moving.


In the three countries hit hardest by the Eurozone crisis, the show underscores the importance and plight of local heroes working hard to make a difference in really tough times. Each of the episodes leave you hopeful that change can be achieved and while there are no overnight fixes, even just aspiring to change is enough to shift attitudes.

Thank you Peeta Planet – what may seem like a small few minutes on camera has made my world. I will never forget this feeling. Having this blog acknowledged and shared with the world is surreal, indescribable and a dream come true.

And thank you all so much for joining me for the ride! My followers, my fans, my friends, my constantly beautiful family.

Now sit back, relax, click here and enjoy the show.

Much love from Rome.

Signing off from Trastevere,

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