My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

April 2013

My new fave in Prati: Sorpasso

A friend told me about Sorpasso in Prati (the area around the Vatican) about a year ago. It took me that long to get there and boy do we have a lot of lost time to make up for! I first dined here at lunch a few weeks ago and finally this week went back for an aperitivo slash light dinner. What can I say about Sorpasso other than it’s

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10 recent Rome dining experiences

Between social gatherings and friends being in town, as usual, I’ve had my fair share of eating out over the past few weeks. While returning to some old faves, I also checked out a few new places which is always nice. Here’s a round-up of 10 of my most recent experiences – all good, some downright amazing! (Of course La Pergola doesn’t make this list with a well deserved dedicated

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La Pergola: Worth every one of its 3 Michelin Stars

I guess it loses it’s “once in a lifetime” status when you dine at a place more than once. But with very special foodie friends in town I couldn’t resist the urge – on having them ask me to book the best restaurant in Rome – to lock in an evening at La Pergola. Located within the Hilton Waldorf Astoria about 20 minutes north of the centre, La Pergola is

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What Sundays in Rome are made of

I absolutely love Sundays in Rome. It’s the day where you really take it easy. It’s a day I like to spend with friends. Usually a brunch or lunch and a site or two, an exhibition maybe or a movie. Anything goes really. Now for me, Rome is beautiful all the time. But boy does she shine in the sun! And today was something special. We got a glimpse of

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