What Sundays in Rome are made of

I absolutely love Sundays in Rome.

It’s the day where you really take it easy. It’s a day I like to spend with friends. Usually a brunch or lunch and a site or two, an exhibition maybe or a movie. Anything goes really.

Now for me, Rome is beautiful all the time. But boy does she shine in the sun!

And today was something special.


We got a glimpse of primavera (spring) a couple of weeks ago, but it was short-lived with temps dropping once again to their winter glory and rain becoming the norm for the past week.

But today? No today breathes of spring. It’s really in the air.

And with the daylight savings time change last week, the days are even longer.

I spent my Sunday with a friend, lunching and walking the streets of my quartiere (neighbourhood).

You’d think one could tire of walking their city. But not a city like Rome.


Even in my own Trastevere, I still surprise myself by stumbling across a fountain, corner or alley I hadn’t noticed before.

That’s Rome.

In fact, when I see tourists grappling with a map – especially in Trastevere – I just want to tell them to rip it up and throw it away. There is something simply beautiful and liberating about ‘getting lost’ in the streets of Rome.

Spring is upon on us. Dare I say, summer is in sight.

The night before I was shopping in centro (for a special someone in Australia’s birthday present) and it was just so nice be walking in the sun and enjoying daylight until at least 7pm.


It’s been a long, cold winter and on the streets, everyone even looks a little happier!

Even today, the energy around town seemed just that little more positive. Amazing what a little sunshine can do.


Here are pics of my Sunday in the sun.

These, my friends, are what Sundays are made of.







Signing off from Trastevere
Baci Maria

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