My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

May 2015

La Fraschetta di Castel Sant’Angelo: in the Heart of Rome

Going to a fraschetta-type restaurant in Rome is always entertaining.  Going to a fraschetta in Rome on the night that Roma wins the derby (against Lazio). Well that’s another story!  A fraschetta is the name given to the casual style places historically found in the Castelli Romani (the Roman countryside where towns like Frascati, Albano, Ariccia and Grottaferrata sit) and where you’d go to eat porchetta and drink wine in

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10 Things Eating Amsterdam Taught Me

Amsterdam is just so darn pretty. I mean my eyes started to hurt after a while from all the… Pretty!  The heritage protected canal belt area is just gorgeous and so on a sunny spring morning (with Amsterdam being a little bit of a show-off for me!) I met my food tour guide (colleague and friend), Annamaria of Eating Amsterdam tours for a foodie walk through the Jordaan neighbourhood. Here’s

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Where to eat in Rome’s Monti 

The centre of Rome is sectioned into 22 rioni (districts) of which Monti is number 1. Sitting in the shadow of the Colosseum, the name  Monti translates to hilltop and is derived from the fact that parts of the Esquiline, Viminal, Quirinal and Caelian Hills belonged historically to this area.  Because of its location, it boasts the most popular of Roman archeological sights – again, that little thing called the Colosseum, the

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Mazzo: Young Roman Chefs Inspire

I love the excitement of dining at a restaurant I’ve never been to. Well especially when that restaurant is Mazzo, The Fooders. I’ve read much about it over the past few months and my lovely friends at Pepper Restaurant and one of my fave Rome food bloggers, Rachel Roddy have spoken so highly of the place that tonight, with a few friends, we made the trek out to Rome’s Centocelle

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