My life and times in the eternal city and beyond

October 2018

Where to find the best pizza in Rome

From pizza al taglio (by the slice) to the classic roman style to the latest installments of the gourmet type, Rome certainly isn’t short of options if you’re looking to feast on pizza. What you should also know is that there are a few ‘rules’ you should stick to when seated at a pizzeria in the eternal city. As I always say – when you’re on holiday, the main rule

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Drink Kong: Rome’s most exciting bar opening of the year

Rome isn’t London or Tokyo. It’s not New York or even my native Melbourne. Nor does it really want to be. Because Rome is Rome. And that doesn’t mean it can’t count contemporary or cosmopolitan in its nightlife repertoire! And boy has something big landed in this city; something that embodies the style and cool of all those above mentioned cities. Drink Kong is the brainchild of Patrick Pistolesi, locally

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