Japan Restaurant Week: Rome, Florence & Milan

Living in Rome, Roman food is my thing. Fusion dining interests me. I love the odd taco and ceviche too. But one cuisine I won’t ever tire of is Japanese. And thankfully in Rome there are a select few where I can get my fix. So when I received an invite to the private residence of the Japanese Ambassador to Italy – to eat! – you can guess I was pretty excited.

Today Japanese Restaurant Week begins (17-23 June 2016). The event marks the 150 year anniversary of diplomatic relations between Italy and Japan and will see 16 restaurants across Rome, Florence and Milan showcase Japanese cuisine and in particular, the prized, Wagyu beef. Credit: Ufficio Stampa Laurenzi Consulting

Here is a list of participating restaurants:



Via delle Muratte, 23 – 06.69941166

Bistrot 64

Via Guglielmo Calderini, 64 – 06.3235531


Via Bergamo, 28 – 06.31072361

Queen Makeda Grand Pub

Via di San Saba, 11 – 06.5759608


Via della Stelletta, 4 – 06.68136310


Cucina Torcicoda

Via Torta, 5 – 05.52654329


Via delle Caldaie, 12 – 05.5282223


Corso dei Tintori, 12 – 05.5242327

Ora d’Aria

Via dei Georgofili, 11 – 05.52001699

Palagio Four Seasons

Borgo Pinti, 99 – 05.526261


10 Corso Como

Corso Como, 10 – 02.29002674


Via Mike Bongiorno, 13 – 02.67075801


Via Marghera, 34 – 02.4986865

Meat Yazawa

Via San Fermo, 1 – 02.36799710


Via Ascagno Sforza, 77 – 02.58104451


Via Calocero, 3 – 02.84254626

Bookings are highly recommended to avoid disappointment.

Event organised by: MAFF – Japanese Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries.

For me, tonight’s dishes (some even by the Ambassador’s chef, Masatoshi Matsuda) were just a warm up. I can’t wait to get to one of the venues over the course of the next week and keep tasting.

If you’re in any of these cities, check out the list and get booking.

Signing off from Trastevere,

Baci, Maria

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