My good luck year in Rome

Well it’s just past midnight in Rome and according to Italians, I have just entered what is apparently going to be the luckiest year of my life!

I’ve just turned 33 and according to this overly religious and superstitious bunch, this is my ‘L’anno di Cristo‘ – year of Christ (or as some of my friends and I jokingly call it, my ‘Jesus Year’).

My response to every Italian (and I’m talking friends, taxi drivers, my beautician, the list goes on and on!) who excitedly tells me it’s my ‘L’anno di Cristo‘ and this is going to be a great year, is ‘But didn’t Christ die at 33??’ To which they respond, ‘Yes, but then he rose!’

So L’anno di Cristo represents resurrection.

Of course this got me thinking.


I guess this resurrection thing, in a way, represents my move to Rome. After all, this time in my life is about new experiences, enlightenment, transformation and change – a rebirth of some sort if you like!

In any case, I guess I should embrace this ‘L’anno di Cristo‘ and live life the best way I know how – in openness, happiness, with honesty, drive and a smile!

On the stroke of midnight in Rome, my housemate (my coinquilina), our neighbour (who coincidently shares a birthday with me) and a friend shared some prosecco (Italian sparkling wine) and then said coinquilina insisted we light some sparklers! It was so nice to be surrounded by love and friendship on my first ever birthday in Rome (and away from family and friends in Australia).

Tomorrow (my birthday Roman time!) a friend is taking me out to lunch and then tomorrow night there will be more drinks.

But this is all the supporting act to what will be the real celebration on Saturday night – a house party aptly named ‘My L’anno di Cristo Birthday Party‘!


And today (and in no way to disrespect my Christian followers, but more in light) I bought some super fun and kitsch items to do my event theme justice (the event stylist in me emerges in Rome too!) I’m talking ceramic Jesus statues, Pope and Vatican postcards, the lot! It’s going to be a great night and you’ll hear about it soon.

Thanks for all the love people!

Signing off from Rome
(in my year of Jesus :-))
Baci, Maria

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