One day in Milan


Probably one of the most underrated and overlooked cities of Italy.

Perhaps because it is known the world over for its origins in industry. In a sense, it is the commercial capital of Italy. The business centre. And granted, to an outsider that might not scream ‘sexy!’


But there’s just so much to like about it.

Style. Fashion. Art. History.

It has a cosmopolitan feel. It’s the most ‘rat-race’ of the big Italian cities. And for me it’s all class.

Being completely infatuated with Rome, I always say, “It’s no Rome.” But that’s ok, it’s not trying to be.


Where Rome is colour, Milan is a little grey. Where Rome is disorganised, Milan is ordered. While Rome can be dysfunctional, Milan just works. And as many people say, as Rome is Italy, Milan is Europe.

The latter refers to Milan’s standing and professional nature (a common characteristic of Italy’s north versus its southern counterparts).

Now by no means have I intended to paint a picture of Switzerland! Milan is still super Italian. In fact it embodies all the things I love about Italy. Style, refinery, culture and class.

Having visited a few years ago and ticked all the major sights off my list, I was excited to go back a few months ago just for a day of lunch and shopping.

And staying with friends in Treviglio (Province of Bergamo) about 30 minutes by train to the centre of Milan, we could do just that.


Arriving just in time for lunch we headed straight to the super chic Armani building for our lunch reservation (for my friend Laura’s birthday!) at Nobu (where my world tour of this modern Japanese restaurant continues!).

After a feast of food and pineapple vodka martinis we headed to the Duomo (10 min walk) which I swear gets more beautiful each time I see it.



Here’s what we ate (and drank – note, Armani water surprisingly tastes like regular water!):






Then we shopped. Shopped. And shopped some more.

Near the Armani building is what’s known as the Golden Triangle – a series of streets with all the famous high end fashion houses (Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Prada and the list goes on). Here we window shopped!

On and just off Piazza Duomo you will find all your Italian brands like Furla, Max Mara, Max & Co and your high street fashion stores like Benetton, H&M, Zara etc.


The crap autumn weather didn’t stop us and by late afternoon, full from lunch and shopped out, we hopped on a train and left Milan as quickly as we had arrived.

I won’t wait so long to return next time.

Signing off from Trastevere,
Baci Maria

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