Rimessa Roscioli: Wine tasting in the heart of Rome 

Anyone who knows anything about food and wine in Rome will tell you that the Roscioli brand name is synonymous with quality. There’s the salumeria / wine bar and restaurant, the bakery (Antico Forno Roscioli) where you can get some of the best pizza bianca in town (FYI their recipe is in my book!), Roscioli Caffe for a quick sweet, coffee or lunch and Rimessa Roscioli – the brainchild of Milanese implant and sommelier extraordinare, Alessandro Peppe. It’s had a few incarnations but this wine bar slash wine event space has a permanent home now in Via del Conservatorio – one of those pretty backstreets around Campo de Fiori.

The venue is light and modern with a warm vintage hues and upon walking in and seeing a sea of wine glasses you know you’re in for something special. Here you come not only to experience and taste wine, but to be immersed fully in Alsssandro and Lyndsay Gabbard (a California native – so yes, who knows her stuff too!) world of Italian wine – the culture, history and production of it. 

As the name suggests, their Wine Tasting Dinner, isn’t just about the wine but special pairings. As you taste (about 12 different artisan items that amount to a full blown dinner) authentic produce selected by the Roscioli team you have 8 wines to perfectly https://orderklonopin2mg.com match. There’s everything from cheese and salumi to pasta to dessert.

They boast something excessive like 2,500+ labels here, but don’t let that intimidate you. This class is for all wine levels and a variety of small and large production vineyards are showcased. The only thing I loved more than the food and wine was Alessandro and Lydsay’s passion and energy. They were both able to weave an engaging tale each time they presented a wine or producer and shared precious anecdotes of their travels to some of the more remote yet up and coming small winemakers. The Wine Tasting Dinner runs at 8pm nightly for 2.5 hours (in English and on request in French) and costs 65 euro per person. Visit their website for bookings and more information about other special activities and events. The venue is also open as a quasi wine bar where you can drop by for a glass or two and ever changing menu pairings.

Whether you’re visiting or living in the eternal city, I highly recommend what I guarantee will be, a truly unforgettable evening in Roma.
Signing off from Trastevere,

Baci, Maria

Acknowledgements: I was guest of Rimessa Roscioli to try out this wine tasting dinner. All images and thoughts expressed are my own – nobody ever tells me what to write. 

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