Rome Markets: Update

I blogged a little while ago about top markets in Rome and today I have another to add to the list.

The market of Piazza Vittorio (also known as Esquilino market) is no longer located in the Piazza itself but just a few streets over in a permanent market structure.

My roommate introduced me to the place and for a second on arrival, I was transported to my early travelling years spent at the bazaars and spice markets of Istanbul.

The Esquilino area is a Roman neighborhood around Termini Station (Rome’s central station) made up largely by immigrants and therefore caters for just about their every need with international supermarkets, food stores, spice outlets and restaurants (in fact we had a great and super buy klonopin online usa cheap lunch at Fast Food Indiano on our approach ).

The market represents this diversity from the exotic and eclectic mix of produce ranging from grains and spices, international gourmet food items to some fruits and vegetables that you won’t exactly find at just any supermarket.

The market is loud and colorful and walking through I was drawn in by the aromas and multitude of languages being spoken.

It truly is an ethnic melting pot and a living example of how Rome is slowly progressing into a culturally diverse city.

So if you’re in Rome and need a pizza and pasta break, head down to the market and check this area out!

Signing off from Rome.
Baci, Maria


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