Seasonal dining. A Rome Review: Zest Bar & Restaurant, Radisson Blu Es.

Food in Italy is dictated by seasons. Whatever is fresh and in season is generally what you see on menus. In Rome, you don’t even have to know what month it is to easily work it out by walking past your local trattoria and seeing what’s on the board. For instance, I know it’s winter when I see puntarelle (locally grown endive) and spring and summer when I see eggplants and asparagus.Dining last week at the at Zest Bar and Restaurant on the rooftop of Rome’s Radisson Blu Es, I got to taste my first parmigiana di melanzane of the season – that is eggplant parmigiana. You know: the layered eggplant, tomato and mozzarella combination that is always a crowd pleaser. This one was no different. Oozing with cheese and infused with just the right dose of basil, I literally cleaned the plate.

The menu here offers a select choice of dishes inspired by both Roman and other Italian regional cuisine and a focus on showcasing the very buy clonazepam best of what’s local, and importantly what’s seasonal. In fact, their guiding motto is, “Fresco. Italiano. Semplice” (fresh, Italian, simple). It’s not a pretentious menu and highlights the best of Italy from southern treats like ‘nduja of Calabria, to the north with pesto genovese, Liguria.   My main course, the Porco Agnello, saw roast pork and lamb come together on a plate, served with winter apple and pomegranate.

For a hotel or dining option in the Termini / Esquilino neighbourhood, Zest Bar and Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner daily and in the summer months it serves as a poolside cafe. {Entrees & Pasta: €15, Main Courses: €20, 4 course tasting menu: €49}

Signing off from Trastevere 
Baci Maria

End Note: While I was hosted for dinner by Zest Bar and Restaurant at the Radisson Blu Es, all opinions expressed on my blog are my own. Lighting was not all that conducive to photo taking.

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