Streeat Food Truck Festival in Rome

This weekend the European Streeat Food Truck Festival heads to Rome. So if you’re looking for me, you’ll know where I’ll be! 

On from tonight (4pm-1am) until Sunday (27-29 March, Sat and Sun: 11am-1am), the festival brings together more than 30 food trucks and ape vans to the Citta dell’altra Economia (the outdoor space that sits behind the MACRO museum in Testaccio – the ex slaughterhouse!). Food trucks that will be serving up just about every local and international street-food snack you can think of. From supplì, to porchetta, sandwiches and burgers, pizza, fried treats, Sicilian granita and other sweets. 
It’s going to be a feast for eyes, senses.. And tummies! 
There will also be live entertainment, workshops, local Birradamare craft beer, cocktails and need I go on really! 
Here are the 33 trucks that are truckin’ in to feed the masses! 

  • Straw & Berry
  • Ape Lembo Bistrot
  • Mignon eccellenze napoletane
  • Eskimo gelati italiani
  • Mr. Max on the road
  • Farinel on the road
  • Pizza & Mortazza
  • Ape Scottadito
  • LuBar – Slow Street Food
  • Lubar – granite siciliane
  • IlstreetfoodTorello de LA TORAIA
  • Il Buon Ciboe Il Buon Bere ovvero l’Appetito
  • Ape fritto
  • Bianco Bufala
  • Ape Tizer
  • Fuori di mente
  • Centrifugape by Ceado
  • La Osteria CHEF in Viaggio
  • Primo Sapore
  • Olive Ascolane Migliori
  • La credenza on the road con Vincotto experience
  • Bello & Buono
  • BBQ Valdichiana
  • Family Food
  • Food Truck Cinemadivino
  • Ape Romeo
  • MOZAO – Tigelle e gnocco fritto
  • Lapanella
  • Supplizio
  • Cucinando su ruote
  • Phil’s Slow Smoked American Barbecue – Street Food & catering
  • momò foodsu Escargò vintage temporary shop
  • Ape Magna


The trucks and festival head next to Bologna, Florence, Milan, Padua and who knows where else! More info is available on the Streeat Food Truck Festival website. 

Based on recent festivals in other European and Italian cities (including 2 previous installments in Milan which were attended by 50,000+ people) I’m sure the event will be a huge success. See you there! 

Signing off from Trastevere 

Baci, Maria 

*Photos courtesy of the Streeat Food Truck Festival Facebook page

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