Summer: It’s that time again

If I’m out of blog touch for a little while it’s because it’s going to be another one of those summers!

I will complete something like 65 hours of flight time by the end of it – all including a zip in and zip out of Melbourne to baptise my beautiful nephew and a mini side trip to Hawaii to be a bridesmaid in my close friend’s wedding.

It’s going to be tiring but lots of fun!

As I like to say, yes, these might be first world problems – but they are problems nonetheless and need to be managed.

So here’s my marathon of destinations for summer 2013 (two of which are mission completes). Along the way you can follow my pics and adventures on Twitter (@HeartRome) or Instagram (HeartRome).

And eventually you’ll hear all about it here.

Barcelona, Spain


Palma de Mallorca, Spain


(Pics for the rest will follow!)

Monopoli and Polignano al Mare, Puglia, Italy

Siracusa, Sicily, Italy

Melbourne, Australia

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Las Vegas, USA

New York City, USA

I fly back into Rome from NYC in late September.

So until then….

Happy summer for those of you in the northern hemisphere (those of you in the southern, probably checked out at line one!) Stay happy and safe.

Signing off from Trastevere,

Baci Maria

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