Siracusa. Like I needed another reason to love Sicily!

The drive from Catania to Siracusa takes about an hour. Our driver picks us up [...]

Picture Perfect Puglia

I’ve been to south Puglia (Gallipoli, Salento area) and north Puglia (Vieste and Tremiti islands [...]


My European Summer in a Nutshell

Please please please dont think I’ve been ignoring you.. I’ve had one of the most [...]

An August of Italian Islands

I just got back from two amazing weeks in Greece and Turkey. I had been [...]

Santorini: How I Kicked Off My Summer

11 years Santorini. 11 years is a long time between drinks. I came to this [...]

Gaeta: Pearl of Lazio’s coastline

Last weekend I finally made the trek down to Gaeta. This most beautiful seaside resort [...]