Taste of Rome 2014: Where Rome’s Best Chefs Come out to Play

There are a lot of restaurants in Rome. Ok there are thousands.

But of these, only 15 hold coveted Michelin stars. Only one holds 3 (Heinz Beck’s La Pergola which has held the title for over 10 years and is 1 of only 8, 3 Michelin star rated dining establishments in all of Italy).

I’ve been fortunate to have dined at 6 of these restaurants (La Pergola, Glass Hostaria, Metamorfosi, Il Pagliaccio, All’Oro and Enoteca La Torre) and each participated in Taste of Roma held again just this weekend at Auditorum, Parco della Musica. And that’s why Taste of Rome is unique – because it’s a rare occasion to be spoilt with these stars under the same ‘roof’ on one weekend!IMG_0191.JPG

Taste of Roma (held in cities across the world) really is the fine dining event of year and showcases the absolute creme de la creme of Rome’s very top chefs. It also provides an opportunity for them to bring their ware to a mass audience. I mean, when else would you get to experience a tasting plate of Heinz Beck for €6 (a degustation meal at La Pergola will generally set you back around €250)?

Basically 12 chefs are housed in their own stand, dotted around the grounds of the Auditorum (located about 15 minutes north of the city) and put on show 3 of their most inventive dishes; usually an entree, 1st or 2nd course and a dessert. Cards loaded up with credit get you eating and plates range https://phenterminehclrx.com from €5-€6.

I attended on a VIP Premium ticket (€55) which included €15 food credit, a prosecco and tuna tartare on arrival, 2 tasting plates and a coffee. Disappointingly it didn’t include a cook book or foodie gift this year (better luck next year maybe!).

Cutting to the chase, here’s what I ate (and drank!) at Taste of Roma 2014:

Prosecco and the tiniest tuna tartare (ever!) on arrival


Pastificio Secondi tasting plate for VIP card holders: Ravioli with zabaglione and truffle and ravioli with pistacchio



Romeo’s Ape Food Truck: Pizza bianca con coppa di testa al zenzero / Focaccia bread with ginger flavored head cheese


All’Oro restaurant by chef Riccardo Di Giacinto: Riassunto di carbonara / deconstructed carbonara reduction (€6)


Il Pagliaccio by chef Anthony Genovese: Ravioli di maiale, cipolla di Tropea, spuma di mozzarella di bufala / Pork and Tropea red onion ravioli with a buffalo mozzarella foam (€6)


Metamorfosi by chef Roy Caceres: Maccheroni e Crostacei / Macaroni stuffed with shellfish (€6)


La Pergola (Hotel Rome Cavalieri) by chef Heinz Beck: Gnocchetti di zita al grana padano con patate affumicate su sifonata di piselli e calamari marinati al lime / Gnocchetti inspired grana padano cheese pasta with smoked potato served on a bed of pea purée and lime marinated calamari (€5)


Glass Hostaria by chef Christina Bowerman: Tiramisu (€5)


Enoteca La Torre a Villa Laetitia by chef Danilo Ciavattini: Maritozzo bocca sporca di more / Maritozzo (cream bun) with mulberry jam (€6)


Until next year Taste of Roma!
Signing off from Trastevere,
Baci Maria

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