Tiramisu… Roman style

Some of you may or may not find this interesting or of any real significance.

However – those of you who know me well will appreciate the excitement I felt when tonight I finally visited Bar Pompi – Il Regno del Tiramisu (which literally means Tiramisu Kingdom or House of Tiramisu I guess).

A life without dessert, for me, is pretty much a life not worth living! And as I like to say, you can never be too full for dessert – I have a seperate stomach for it!! (Oh and I never share!)

So…. Bar Pompi has been a Roman institution since 1962 and has 2 stores, with the main one that I went to in Re di Roma area (Via Albalonga). They claim to make the city’s best version of this classic Italian dessert – and who am I not to try??

Pompi is a bar, gelateria, pasticerria – you name it. For those of you in Melbourne, imagine a Brunetti of Carlton type place where people are either seated having their espresso or standing at the bar eating a piece of this famous tiramisu.

For €3.50 (about AUD$5) you can eat while taking in the scenery or take a piece to go. In fact, as you can see in the pics, they have the delicious treasures pre-packed for your convenience!

They make many variations including strawberry, pistachio, hazelnut, banana and dark chocolate, to name a few, and the special for the summer season was pina colada!

We went for the classic version. The verdict?? Well it was just amazing! Pretty fantastic! (Having said that though, I do make tiramisu myself and I must say (excuse my bias!) I probably come a very close 2nd).

I will have to go back ASAP to try the gelato (more flavours than you can imagine) and all the other pastries and cakes I stared mouth open at in the window – but with tiramisu this good, I’m not sure I’ll get around to them! But I can promise you that I’ll try 🙂

Baci, Maria

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