Verona: The City of Love

“For never was a story of more woe than this of Juliet and her Romeo”William Shakespeare

Twice I have been to Verona and twice I have left with a sad face and heavy heart.

Not because I didn’t like it. Quite the contrary.

Both times – the first time about 12 years ago and the second time, a couple of months ago – I was only there for a few hours. It just wasn’t enough. IMG_0959-0.JPGEnough though to be captivated, drawn in and feel a little of that good old “love at first sight” thing.

Yep, I love Verona. I’m a softy, a hopeless romantic (a little too hopeless) and a dreamer. I love love. And Verona epitomises all of this and more. How could I not love this place?

As the setting for one of the most well known, tragic love stories in the world, yes – people come to Verona for art, architecture and history, but there’s one house here which welcomes you in even as a stranger.IMG_0967.JPGJuliet’s House, (fictionally) features the balcony where Juliet stood while Romeo declared his love in the Shakespeare classic.

When you walk in, you almost forget that Romeo and Juliet weren’t real characters but figments of Shakespeare’s imagination. But who cares? This place has the power to turn even the most non romantic, cynical and rational of people into a sappy romantic in seconds.

It is after all the most powerful love story in popular western culture and hey, a lot of us love to dream. Even if for a few minutes (and putting aside its tragic ending!)

The house was actually owned by the Capello family (ring a bell? Capulet?) and dates back to the 13th century.

Out in the courtyard stands a bronze sculpture of Juliet and tourists flock here to touch her right breast for luck. So of course I did.IMG_2178.JPGAlong the walls and doors in the entrance to the courtyard are love notes. And I stopped to pin one too.IMG_1011.JPGAs I turned to leave, I took one last look at Juliet, gazed up at the balcony, and took in the sight of smiling people. Shakespeare’s words may have been fictional, but years on, the truth is plain to see.

Love, in whatever form, can be complicated but evokes happiness. It feeds the soul and spirit and brings people together. And on this day, in a most beautiful setting. This Shakespeare was on to something.

As our local guide Cecilia bid us goodbye, she said, “Being the city of love, please keep Verona in your hearts”. And that I will.

Signing off from Trastevere
Baci, Maria


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