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3 new food trends in Rome I’m not loving

Ah food. Always the topic of such debate and this post might cause some too. Good! Because talking about food is fun – not as fun as eating it, but close. The food scene in the eternal city changes regularly. Like in all cities, places open places close, trends come, trends go. Here are three that get a bit on my nerves: 1) Ramen everywhere Guess what Rome? Japan called

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Where to buy I Heart Rome – the book

Excited doesn’t even begin to describe it! I have my debut book, I Heart Rome (published by Smith Street Books) in my hot hands and I’ll let you in on a little secret. It’s gorgeous (if I say so myself!) Here are some more sneak peak pictures and the book description: “Rome begs to be uncovered at every turn. Through authentic local stories, recipes and glorious photos, I Heart Rome takes

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I Heart Rome: The Book

Today was a big day. No I mean, really big! I submitted the manuscript for I Heart Rome the book. All 40,000 words, over 300 photos (some of which you can preview here), interviews, stories and 70 recipes that together share my Rome with you. The book is scheduled for worldwide release in October this year which means from now until then, there’s still a LOT to be done. But

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5 reasons to take a cooking class in Capri

As long summer days turn into cooler Autumn nights, I start to think about what I could be cooking on evenings spent at home. A few tricks and tips come to mind from my wonderful cooking experience on Capri a month ago.  Through my friend and Capri expert Gillian McGuire (check out her blog here), I met Holly and Gianluca of Ristorante Michel’Angelo. And because of them, had some of

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Under the Tuscan Sun, A quick guide to Siena

Well not really under the sun I have to say. On a mid-week break in May, as rain absolutely poured, I finally ticked Siena off my bucket list. I’ve visited many a medieval town and hamlet across Italy, so I’d convinced myself that it was ok that Siena hadn’t yet made the list. Now that I’ve been there – it is actually not ok! Located 70km south of Florence, the

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25 photos that will make you want to visit Tuscany right now

Last week I took part in a blog trip to highlight the rich art, history, wine, culture and gastronomy of towns in the famous Chianti wine region of Tuscany. Entitled “Chianti da Vivere”, our host was the commune of Tavarnelle val di Pesa and I can’t thank them enough for their warm and amazing hospitality. I will write more on my trip soon, but in the meantime – here are

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Tricolore Monti: Seafood Cooking Course

Last week I was one of the last people to participate in a cooking course at the Tricolore Monti cooking school. Monti is the 12th rione (district) of Rome sitting in the shadow of that little old amphitheatre called the Colosseum. The school has now sadly closed. Well actually, the business has gone back to what it started out as – a gourmet panini shop (which I’m yet to try!)

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Eataly opens in Rome

I just about died and went to food heaven tonight. If you’re anti corporate, anti food malls or just anti commercial, I suggest you stop reading now. To this end, the opening of Eataly in Ostiense’s old air terminal has endured its fair share of critics. I’m not one of them. Quite the opposite in fact, because after visiting tonight for the first time, you could say I’m one of

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Making pasta in the Roman Countryside… Life could be worse!

Good food.  Good wine.  It gets people talking.  It feeds the soul (and the stomach!). But importantly it brings people together.  This week I had the privilege of participating in a Roman Countryside Cooking Day organised by Fabio Bongiani’s cooking school – aptly named Fabiolous Cooking Day. And ‘fabiolous’ it truly was!  I can’t thank my brother and sister-in-law enough for this birthday present of a lifetime! (Yes, I have a

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