5 reasons to take a cooking class in Capri

As long summer days turn into cooler Autumn nights, I start to think about what I could be cooking on evenings spent at home. A few tricks and tips come to mind from my wonderful cooking experience on Capri a month ago. 

Through my friend and Capri expert Gillian McGuire (check out her blog here), I met Holly and Gianluca of Ristorante Michel’Angelo. And because of them, had some of my most unforgettable moments on the island (full guide coming soon!).

Holly and I have a few things in common. We are both Australian. We both live in Italy. We both love a cocktail. Needless to say, we got along like a house on fire!Holly’s life changed forever on a holiday to Capri about 3 years ago. Encouraged by her hotel staff to go and dine at the family-run, Michel’Angelo restaurant, she met Gianluca – her now husband and father to two beautiful children. They are super fun, ridiculously generous and just plain lovely.They make a fantastic work team too and have recently added delicious picnic itineraries to help you discover off-the-beaten-path secrets to the island as well cooking classes.

While I was in town, I took the Classic Caprese class (the other class is a lemon focussed masterclass of sorts) and here’s why you should too:

1. Because then you can say a Caprese guy taught you how to make a Caprese salad!2. Because pasta making is always fun. Seriously, it’s always fun! 3. Because you get to create memories and moments with family and friends! 4. Because not many share passion, love and such knowledge for Capri – her customs, cuisine and traditions – like Holly and Gianluca do! 5. Because Torta Caprese is the most delicious and moist cake on the planet! 

More information:

Ristorante Michel’angelo run two types of cooking classes daily at 9.30am or 4.00pm followed by lunch/dinner. The season runs from  from March to end December. Class sizes are small and bookings are essential. Private classes are available on request and all classes are in English and Italian. Cost: €100 per person or €125 per person for private bookings. Visit their website for updates and further information. 

Signing off from Trastevere, 

Baci, Maria

Acknowledgements: Part of my cooking class was sponsored by Ristorante Michel’angelo. All thoughts expressed are my own – nobody tells me what to write.

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