Abruzzo Food & Travel: Cooking with Rosy

Stories like Rosy’s warm my heart.

Maybe because we are both Abruzzese. Or because we are both very tied to our families. Perhaps it’s because we grew up in a household where gatherings around the table were the norm. Or even because we have a passion for food. For traditions. And for storytelling. Maybe because we both had the courage in life to say “This is what I love doing, let’s give it a go.”

Rosy (Rosaria) and her mum Annabella are from Pescara along Italy’s Adriatic Coast in Abruzzo. About 3 years ago Cooking with Rosy was born – but really, it’s been years in the making. Enthusiastically Rosy talks about the smells and tastes of her childhood and cooking with her mum and grandma. We both share this nostalgic love for food memories and even though we communicated only digitally for a couple of months, I knew we’d hit off!

I met Rosy through my beautiful friend Robyn Woodman and her partner Mimmo (Rosy’s brother). (PS Check out Robyn’s site right here – her weekly posts have me pondering, smiling, laughing then pondering some more). Rosy and Annabella offer: a cooking class in Rosy’s home, a winery experience and a lunch day out in one of the famous Trabocchi (the old wooden fishing structures along the coast).

And so after the Easter holidays with my family in Prezza (L’Aquila) I headed to Pescara (1 hour train ride away) to spend time with my friends and cook with Rosy and squad. Here are the highlights from the epic day we enjoyed cooking, laughing, talking and inspiring each other!

Rosy & Annabella – the funniest, most beautiful and warm mother-daughter duo Rosy made this centerpiece just for me and does this for all her guests. It had wine corks for my love of food and wine and Sulmona garlic bulbs and confetti to honour my family heritage. Can’t even.Rosy made this cheese. Come to think of it, there wasn’t an item she ‘didn’t’ make!The wooden board with guitar strings that makes Chitarra AbruzzeseRobyn, Rosy and Annabella – three female powerhouses!Pasta making on a wooden board – because that’s how it’s done (at my house with my mamma too!) Rosy at the stove frying up the Pallotte Cacio e Uova Annabella’s hands and the most delicious ravioli. Ever. Ravioli Dolci alla Teramana – stuffed with ricotta, hint of sugar and cinammonMe ‘making music’ on the ChitarraHanding over the Spaghetti alla Chitarra to RosyRobyn was a great hand modelWith the table set beautifully, it was time to eat!Annabella serving up the Spaghetti alla Chitarra I didn’t leave a thing! Those ravioli!First ever Pallotte Cacio e Uova made by me!Truth: Pallotte Cacio e Uova are the best comfort food going around!Rosy’s ‘Pizza Dolce’ stuffed with layers of homemade custard To read more about Abruzzo and why you should visit right now, here’s my article for CNN – where of course Cooking with Rosy is also mentioned.

I’m not kidding – don’t even think about heading to Abruzzo without booking in to cook, eat, drink or all of the above with Cooking with Rosy.

All the info you need:

Cooking with Rosy | Pescara, Italy | Website| Prices start from €70 per person | Where to stay in Pescara: G Hotel

Signing off from Trastevere (missing my Pescara family and still totally daydreaming about that meal),

Baci Maria

Disclaimer: Rosy and Annabella are my family friends and so I was their guest for this cooking class. As always, all words and thoughts expressed are my own – nobody tells me what to write!

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