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What Sundays in Rome are made of

I absolutely love Sundays in Rome. It’s the day where you really take it easy. It’s a day I like to spend with friends. Usually a brunch or lunch and a site or two, an exhibition maybe or a movie. Anything goes really. Now for me, Rome is beautiful all the time. But boy does she shine in the sun! And today was something special. We got a glimpse of

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Under the Calabrian Sun

You’ve probably been living under a rock if you don’t know where Calabria is. Think south of the south of Italy. It’s basically the toe of this beautiful and stylish boot. Infamously renowned worldwide for origins of organised crime, here the mafia is called the ndranghetta. But more importantly, the region has a rich and colorful history, a spectacular coastline and typical southern Mediterranean cuisine. I returned to Calabria for

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