24 Hours in Turin

My sister has spent the year with me in Rome and I couldn’t let her leave without a visit to my favourite northern city. 

Turin or Torino is the capital of Piemonte. And the long held common perception of this region as the “ugly, industrial north” is a load of crap. Well not technically because, yes – industry is a big deal and has been historically (a little thing called Fiat among many others for example) – but this first capital city of Italy is plain gorgeous. 

It’s elegant, boasts a thriving arts and cultural scene, the food and wine is beyond words (Piemonte produces the most wine in all of Italy and has the largest number of DOC / DOCG labels), and it has a French influence that dates back throughout history.  

While 24 hours wouldn’t do many destinations justice, if it’s all you got, here’s what we managed to pack in. 

Day 1 

3pm arrive and hotel check in (totally recommend for it central location: Hotel TownHouse70) 3:30pm Visit Palazzo Madama and Piazza Castello ??4:30pm Piazza San Carlo and Bicerin at the historic Caffe San Carlo 5:15pm Chocolate shopping (Guido Gobino)5:30pm Fashion Shopping & the famous Caffe Torino (with that Martini sign!) 7:00pm Aperitivo at Tre Galline (fried “gnocchi” focaccia with prosciutto, and Barbera wine) & walk around Quadrilatero 9:30pm Dinner at Banco Vini e Alimenti (mini pork sliders, fried battered cauliflower and broccoli, chickpea fritters, toasted bread with butter and anchovy and pork cheeks braised in red wine, pannacotta with pear compote and lots of wine: Barolo and Moscato d’Asti)Day 2

10:00am Caffe al Bicerin (for Bicerin and biscuit breakfast) 10:45am Walk down Corso Vittorio Emanuele & along the River Po (Italy’s longest river!)

12:30pm More chocolate shopping (Baratti & Milano)1:00pm Lunch at Il Consorzio (5 courses, €34 – piemontese tartare, poached egg with pancetta, agnolotti gobbo, brasato with ruche wine and pannacotta with bitter orange, nougat and barbaresco sauce, and more wine of course: Barbaresco and Passito)3:30pm Last walk around to see the super elegant cafes like Mulassino4:20pm Depart Turin for Rome and plan when I’m returning next 

Ah Torino. I’ll be back and back and back. 

Signing off from Trastevere, 

Baci, Maria 

PS for awesome food tips in Turin, check out Turin Epicurean

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