A Swim in the Lake and Melting Gelato: Summer is coming!

Here in the northern hemisphere, June 20 will mark the summer solstice. Sounds fancy, but it basically means the official start of summer.

But it seems as though estate is already just about here in Rome.

And this is how I can tell.

Dip in the lake!
With temperatures hitting 30 degrees (I only do celsius people!) this weekend, swimming was not only an option, it became a necessity! So yesterday, friends and I went to the lake at Castel Gandolfo in the Castelli Romani (only 30 minutes south of central Rome) for a fun filled day of sun, tanning and swimming. This was my first time swimming in a lake and it’s a different sensation to swimming in the sea but I loved it! We parked ourselves at one of the lidos which are set up like a beach and paid a bargain €5 for a sun bed un lettino. Needless to say, it was a fantastic day (and tan productive!)


Life on the Tevere
Market stands – bancarelle – are being set up along the Tiber riverfront. They will line the river until September and showcase arts, crafts, vintage items and more. It’s all part of a summer river program that features bars, live music and entertainment. I can’t wait for things to kick off. I live about a 1 minute walk from this summer action!


Gelato Time
My intake has been on the up. And of late, http://www.cheaptopamaxbuy.com they are melting that little bit quicker. It’s just hard to resist. The nights are warmer. You want to be outside. So you take a passeggiata (leisurely walk that is just about an event in italy). And it’s just universal knowledge that a passeggiata and gelato go hand in hand!

Hello Tourists
I’ll admit that the sheer number of people in this city at any one time can be frustrating – to say the least! And when I’m trying to get to the tram stop or supermarket and the crowd just seem to swallow you, it is pretty annoying. But really, I have a soft spot for tourists – even now that I’m a local (love saying that 🙂 ) – given I was one here in Rome for many years only up until recently. The warmer months are always peak season and the crowds here are growing by the minute!

Just Because
You can smell it. You can feel it.
Everyone’s mood is lighter.
Invitations to outdoor aperitivo, beach, lake, park outings and you name it, are plentiful. ‘Tis the season to be happy!


I absolutely love summer in Italy. The amazing beaches, the seasonal food, summer art and cultural programming and importantly… The consistently hot days and balmy nights.

Put simply, it’s la dolce vita at its very best.

I’m ready. Bring it on!

Signing off from (a very packed!) Trastevere in Rome,
Baci Maria

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