Aperitivo Update: Doppiozeroo in Ostiense

Just up the road from my current home in Rome is Doppiozeroo – a very modern looking restaurant and wine bar. In English this means double zero (00) and given they make pizza – and lots of it – I believe the reference is to 00 flour, the Italian all purpose flour used for pasta, pizza, the works.

My friend and I headed there for an impromptu aperitivo last night. Being a national public holiday (yes again! This time for 1 May, Labour Day), we weren’t spoilt for choice with a lot of locali (venues) closed. So we settled for my local.

San Francisco and a Spritz

I’m currently trying to reduce my alcohol intake to weekends only (ok I’m trying to have at least 1-2 alcohol free days a week) so I ordered the San Francisco mocktail (un cocktail analcolico) – other than fresh strawberry and orange juice, I can’t tell you exactly what was in it – but it was a sweet beach holiday in a cup and it made me oh so happy 🙂

My friend opted for the classic spritz (prosecco, Aperol and an orange slice). 

Drinks range from €7-€10 and include the all you can eat aperitivo buffet – which was super, super extensive. I mean there’s really no need for dinner afterwards.

Here’s a run down of some of the items. And believe me, this is in no way an exhaustive list:

  • Pizze (3-4 types, rosso e bianca – with tomato sauce and without)
  • Foccaccie ripiene (mixed foccaccias with vegetarian options)
  • Foccaccia Bianca (my favourite!! Plain white salty foccaccia / pizza bread)
  • Wholemeal pasta salad with shrimp and zucchini
  • Cous Cous salad with chic peas and prawns
  • Tuna, bean and tofu salad
  • Vegetable rice salad
  • Platters of various roasted vegetables (my favorite were the crumbed zucchini and pan fried cabbage)
  • Arancini (rice balls)
My aperitivo plate #1

Oh and sweets also! Which is rare at an aperitivo buffet:

  • Chocolate cupcakes
  • Apricot jam crostata (tart)

 2 plates, 2 drinks and lots of girl talk later we were off and quite content.

Fresh, all homemade and with a wide variety, we both thought the Doppiozeroo aperitivo experience was fantastic and will be back again soon.

I just love love love how aperitivo is a way of life in Italy! It’s just so my thing 🙂

Check them out:

Via Ostiense 68, Roma

Signing off from Rome,
Baci Maria

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