La Dolce Vita – One Year On!

A year ago today I was adopted by Rome…

I moved into my Trastevere apartment with one suitcase.


I’ve since negotiated rental agreements, made so many friends, started and continued my blog (which I am proud to report has over 2000 followers now – not bad for an initial ‘keep my family and friends posted site!) and am working in the field of food tourism – my absolute passion! (cheap plug – check out Eating Italy Food Tours)

As The Italians would say, “Mi son inserita abbastanza bene” – literally, I have inserted myself well but really, I’ve made myself at home.

Today after work I headed right into the historical centre. Right where my love affair for the eternal started – right to heart of where it all began.


After a little window shopping in Via dei Condotti, I stopped and treated myself to scones and tea (very un-Rome like) at Babington’s Tea House in Piazza di Spagna (to which I might add, my scones are 100 times better!)


I then walked around still marveling at the beauty of this city and reflected and realised that I still often pinch myself that I’m here!


It’s been a whirlwind year and for the most part – in a profound and positive way – completely overwhelming!


I feel a sense of pride and accomplishment in the life I’ve created in this city.

I feel like I’ve ‘made it’ here and the feeling is extremely rewarding.

Of course the downside is that I’m far far away from my family and friends in Australia.. I miss you all!!

But thankfully we have managed to see each other often in the last year. And thankfully there are approx 1 million technological ways we stay in touch. And I provide a base in Rome for whoever wants to visit – so it’s a win win situation really! 🙂


I often get asked about how long my stint in the eternal city will last. And I continue to respond – “I have traveled to Rome every year for as long as I can remember. Each time I would leave with tears and a heavy heart. So I decided to stay until I get sick of it. I’m not there yet!”

Cheers to me and Rome for living together for a year.. Without killing each other 🙂

It’s been one hell of a ride, one hell of year… And while at times it’s been challenging, I’ve loved just about every minute of it!

I’ve had some of the happiest moments of my life in Rome and my life will never be the same for having lived here…


Here’s my ode to the eternal city!

You enrich me
You excite me
You frustrate me
You enlighten me
You make me happy
You anger me
You inspire me
You continue to impress me
You are beauty to me
You have helped me fulfill a lifelong dream
You sometimes disappoint me
You empower me
You scare me
You thrill me
You will remain a part of me forever
All my love my Rome

Signing off from Trastevere (a year to the day I called this city home… A little older, a little wiser, a little Roman!)

Baci always, Maria

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