Rome Stuff for you

Through living in Rome, blogging and social media, I’ve met so many wonderful and interesting people. And some real authorities on the city who I turn to when I’m searching for that perfect restaurant, event or when I’m in need of some Roman inspiration.


I get asked all the time for city tips so I thought I’d be ever so kind to share them with you… for fun or to keep up your sleeve for your next trip.

It’s not an exhaustive list – just some of my faves really! And some of the blogs I like to follow too.

So here goes:

Browsing Rome
For information on experiencing Rome culture, food and more.

Buzz in Rome
For all events and happenings in Rome town.

Lazio Explorer
For tids and bits about beautiful Lazio including events.

Understanding Rome
For tailor made tours and a fact filled blog.

Eating Italy Food Tours
For the #1 rated food tour in Rome (and I’m not just biased, it’s true)!

Gillian’s Lists
Lists of things to do in Rome and beyond.

GT Food & Travel
For customised food and wine experiences.

Walks of Italy
For tours in Rome, Venice, Florence and beyond.

For crazy tours around Rome on a scooter!

Will add more when they come to me.

It’s approaching dinner time in Rome (9:30pm!) and it’s still 31 degrees out. The city is currently experiencing a heat wave with this being the hottest June on record for over two decades!

Temperatures of up to 40 and over are predicted for the rest of the week. Summer has well and truly arrived… And this is only the beginning!

Signing off from this Rome inferno doing all I can to stay cool!

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