Rome Tram Tracks: a night in Rome you won’t forget

Last Monday, my week commenced like no other.

I attended a Rome Tram Tracks event. Hosted by my friend Domenico and Marco, this event is beyond unique. It’s basically an aperitivo on board a vintage Rome tram. But this isn’t just any old tram.


And nobody but Tram Tracks will have you eating, drinking, singing and dancing with the moving backdrop of some of Rome’s most historic and beautiful monuments.

The night starts at 7:45pm at the Porta Maggiore tram stop in San Giovanni area. You know when booking that Domenico and his band are going to be playing 60s and 70s (Italian and English) rock and that there will be snacks and wine.


You’re thinking, “meh, should be a fun night!”.

But then you hear tram bells and the old decorated tram car approaches. You hear the music and Domenico appears – belting out The O’Jays’ Love Train and you start tapping your feet. It’s not long and you’re singing along. The energy is infectious and you know it’s going to be something special!

On board my 3 friends and I had our own table – identified by an old LP record with my name on it which I got to take home as a memento.



A food platter with delicious treats like bruschetta, cheese, olives and salumi and this tasty spaghetti fritter greeted us at the table and the staff (including Marco and the beautiful and always smiling Simona) continuously poured us wine!

The energy on board is electric and as Domenico and his band sing tracks by the Rolling Stones, Elvis and Italian artists like Antonello Venditti and Lucio Battisti, you just can’t help but be on your feet and dancing.

But the ultimate in this truly unforgettable experience? Dancing under the moonlight in front if the colosseum!


You may have been to Rome. You may even live in Rome. Either way you will have visited the colosseum. But has someone ever taken you dancing in front of the worlds most recognisable monument??

I rest my case! Visit the website and book yourself in. Tickets cost €40 and the tram caters for up to 36 guests. Events run on the last Monday of every month and are on the increase with new shows being added all the time.

I can’t wait to do it again! Thanks Tram Tracks for a night in Rome I will never forget!

Signing off from Trastevere,
Baci Maria

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