Arrivederci Roma for 2012

Today is my last day in Rome for 2012 and I must say, leaving this city never gets easier for me.

But I am so excited to be going home for Christmas and to become an aunt for the first time!

In times of travel, change or departure you look back and reflect.

And doing so on the last year in Rome, I can really only smile.

Of course there were some lows but mainly highlights and good times.

So I guess you’re pretty blessed when you are thankful to the universe for – on balance – a pretty great year.

Here are my Rome 2012 highlights:

Moving into my very own place and am living on my own for the first time (and absolutely loving it)

Developing new business for my company, engaging new client Eating Italy Food Tours who run 4 hour walking tours of Rome (I basically write about, talk about and eat food for a living!)


Visiting the beautiful town of Frascati and having a fantastic slow food experience

Enjoying an unforgettable summer with my family and friends in the south of Italy


Hosting my parents who came to visit me for the first time since moving to the city


Eating lots of Porchetta in Ariccia


Swimming in the lake at Castel Gandolfo


Cooking all day in Mazzano Romano


Dining and dancing on a tram travelling by the monuments of Rome

Making genuine and lasting friendships that I truly cherish


Celebrating my one year anniversary of living in Rome

Spending some summer days at OS Club pool near the Colosseum


Attending Vogue Fashion and Shopping Night


Going to Venice – literally just for dinner

Finally eating a real pizza in Napoli – life will never be the same

Putting up my first Christmas tree

Exploring more of Lazio and visiting the beautiful Gaeta

Filling my cultural quota with ballet, short video nights, theatre, exhibitions and rock concerts


Dining at two Michelin star restaurants – at La Pergola and Metamorfosi

Being taken on a romantic date to watch the sun set over Rome from the rooftop of Hotel de la Minerve near the Pantheon


Attending a Madonna feast day in Abruzzo and filling up on lamb, pork and more pork!


Attending the TBEX (Travel Bloggers Exchange) Conference in Costa Brava Spain


The list goes on… But it’s just about time to head to Fiumicino…

I will be away from Rome for about 6 weeks. I will miss my life here, my neighbourhood – my Trastevere – my new house which has become a home already, and above all my friends – who are my Rome family.

But I am so excited to be seeing my family and friends back home. And not to mention, some sun!!

Wishing you all the most prosperous holiday season.

May your 2013 be filled with all of my aspirations – good fortune, good health, love, light, laughter, food and travel.

And so it goes…
Arrivederci Roma
Until we meet again my Rome!

Signing off from my beloved Trastevere (Melbourne bound people!!!)

Baci Maria

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