Rome Restaurant Week Continues: Metamorfosi

I don’t venture to the Parioli neighbourhood of Rome that often, so let’s say that when I do, I make it count.

I dined with my favourite fellow Rome blogger and friend, Browsing Rome on Friday at the acclaimed Metamorfosi.

And what an experience it was.

From the crisp, clean and stylish ambience to the impeccable service, to most importantly – the fine, fine food.

Here the plates are crafted with the eye in mind. They are simply stunning. One more beautiful than the next. And an absolute divine pleasure to taste.

With a Dining City star our 3 course meal was €35 (instead of the special €25). Any other time, this meal would have cost upwards of €80. So not only did we just about die and go to food heaven, we did so on just about a shoestring…

Not to mention, the restaurant has just been awarded a prized Michelin star!

Surprising (and just about unprecedented for me), the lamb – and not the dessert – was the highlight. I don’t think I’ll ever forget the flavour or the tenderness.

Here’s what we ate (Dessert was not included, but we didn’t let that stop us!)

Simply a work of art!


Antipasto (Entree)
Uovo 65° Carbonara = Un uovo biologico cotto a 65° per 40 minuti accompagnato da una spuma di Parmigiano e Pecorino con Guanciale e pepe nero servito con Chips di Pasta e Cotenna Soffiata
(Deconstructed carbonara: an organic egg cooked at 65° for 40 minutes with a Parmigiano and Pecorino foam, guanciale and pasta chips)



Primo (First Course)
Risotto Lumache e Prezzemolo
(Risotto with parsley and Escargot)


Secondo (Main Course)
Spalla d’agnello e Scorzanera e Aneto
(Lamb Shoulder with black salsify – also known as black oyster plant – and dill)


White chocolate coated blue vein cheese


Dolce (Dessert)
We ordered one each but shared!

Torrefazione 2.0: Sfera di cioccolato con parfait alle nocciole su una spuma di Rum bianco schiudiamo con del caffè e terminiamo con frutta sabbiata
(Chocolate ball with hazelnut parfait on white rum foam cracked open with coffee and coated with fruit and nut sand)


Cioccolato Bianco, banane caramellate e Armagnac: Spuma di cioccolato Bianco con banane caramellate gelatina di Armagnac menta e crumble di mandorle
(White chocolate, caramelised bananas and Armagnac: White chocolate, banana and Armagnac cream with mint and almond crumble)


Pane (Breads)
Rotellina con capperi, patate, limone e aneto
(Scroll with capers, potato, lemon and dill)
Baguette bianca Lievitata 19 ore
(Baguette left to to rise for 19 hours)
Bauletto con Segale e Miele di Castagno
(Rye and chestnut honey)


Petit desserts to close


Hungry much??

Signing off from Trastevere (about to doze off and potentially dream of that lamb shoulder)
Baci Maria

**And special thanks to Metamorfosi sommelier Paolo Abballe for promising to email me the full menu details and actually following through. The class and service continues post-meal! Grazie!

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