Fine Dining in Rome: La Pergola

At the end of August, to bid my sister farewell after an epic European holiday, we dined at what has been referred to as the best restaurant in Rome, if not Italy.

La Pergola restaurant and terrace bar is located within Rome’s Hotel Cavalieri (a Hilton Waldorf Astoria hotel) and boasts 3 Michelin stars among many other prestigious international awards.

Here, the degustation menu will set you back a lazy €190 for 6 courses and €210 for 9 plus drinks.

Speaking of which, the selection of wines is beyond extensive, as is the list of waters. Yes, that’s right – the ‘water waiter’ brought over the water menu. I shyly selected a local water from the long list of regional, European and international sparkling and still water options. It’s the kind of place where you are on journey of quality, refinement and luxury from start to finish!


We opted for the 6 course degustation and needless to say, we were blown away by each and every course (and in a complete food coma by the end of it!)

And being a dessert lover (addict?) as you know, I was more than content with the Grand Dessert course which consisted of 7 individual items plus a compliments-of-the-chef petit fours and mini gelato on a cone to finish!

At the end of our meal we were touched by the fact that Executive Chef, Heinz Beck came over to our table to chat and thank us for visiting. He then humbly proceeded to meet guests at every single table. A very nice touch!

As we were leaving, we were given a card with our menu, wine we chose and date of our visit as a memento.


Here’s our menu – oh and the photos really don’t do it justice..

Starter: Compliments of the Chef
Deconstructed tomato bruschetta


Tartare di Ricciola con avocado e pesche
(Amberjack tartare with avocado and peach)


Tonno scottato ai profumi Mediterranei con finocchio e cipolla rosso in carpione
(Charred tuna with cured fennel and red onion salad)


Fagotelli ‘La Pergola’
(The signature plate of pasta parcels filled with carbonara)


Mazzancolle di tempura su crema di frittura di calamari
(Tempura shrimp served on fried calamari purée)


Agnello su salsa di pomodoro, ricotta salata e basilico
(Lamb served on tomato salsa with shaved baked ricotta and basil)


Palate Cleanser:
Coconut and mango sorbet


Dessert starter: Compliments of the Chef, petit desserts including candy and macaroons


Grand Dessert
(Everything from a panna cotta, mousse, orange cream cigar to a licorice soufflé!)


To close: Compliments of the Chef, mini gelato


Dining here was a once in a kind of lifetime experience.

The service was beyond impeccable, the food and wine of the utmost highest delectable calibre and the ambience and view of the eternal city, unforgettable.


I may not be back there for a while, but I will savour the dining journey and experience forever.

Thank you to my little sis for taking me on this amazing ride. I will never forget it!

Signing off from Trastevere
Baci, Maria

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